Science "Proves" God Does Not Exist

Science cannot prove anything. But it can disprove things. In fact, it is great at disproving things and when it does its job well, it comes really close to proving things WRONG.

Religious people make an argument for their fictional deity by saying science cannot prove God does not exist. But science cannot prove any non-existent things exist. That's not the right question. Science can’t prove Martians do not exist. So what?

But science can DISPROVE that Martians exist with scientific observation and experimentation, quite handily.

The same is true for God. Science can DISPROVE God exists. It’s quite simple really. You just design an observational experiment and run it.

For example…

1. If the Christian God exists, one should observe statistically fewer natural disasters in areas with a high concentration of devout fundamentalist Christians.

2. After repeated observation, no statistical difference in the occurrence of natural disasters is found between Christian dense and Christian sparse geographical areas.

3. Thus the existence of God is disproved.

You conduct several such experiments to strengthen your disproof of God.

Perhaps you do a clinical trial of patients with a horrible disease, giving them all medicine, but telling the Christian ones to pray their diseases away for that extra benefit of prayer to their God. If the Christians die at the same rate as the non-Christians, God is disproved. It’s all quite simple and easy to disprove God.

Anti-Intellectualism and Fundamentalist Christianity

America is an unapologetically anti-intellectual country, as evidenced by its popular culture. It’s an accepted truism.

This explains why fundamentalist Christians thrive so well here, even as they complain about perceived persecution by atheists like me (guilty as charged…they’re dangerous to society!).

Their patently false beliefs are given equal credibility with science and that’s just ridiculous.


Dear Christians...STFU About Gay Marriage!

The Supreme Court today said gay marriage is a right and it is the law of the land nationwide. Boom.

One thing I never understood about fundamentalist Christians' Biblical condemnation of gays and gay marriage is that this taboo comes only from the Old Testament, in Leviticus, which also contains several bizarre religious laws that few people follow today (like wearing garments made from only one fiber, not eating shellfish or cheeseburgers, and my favorite...stoning to death teenagers who mouth off to adults).

You can go read Leviticus. It's all there, not ambiguous at all.

It's just that fundamentalist Christians seem to zealously focus on the anti-gay part of Leviticus while ignoring the rest. Incomprehensible. You can't claim to take the Bible literally and then pick and choose which of God's laws you are going to recognize and follow.

But the Old Testament is the Jewish Bible, essentially, and not even that relevant to Christian faith. In the New Testament - the Christian Bible - the whole idea was that Jesus came along and made the Judaic Laws obsolete (Apostle Paul gets into this a lot in the NT). Jesus said all you had to do to get into Heaven was let his love inside you (intentional and appropos visual...).

Granted, the early Gospels (Luke, Mark) suggest Jesus wanted people to keep the Jewish Laws. Jesus was, after all, a Jew. But the later Gospels of John and Paul (the ones most Christians cite) are clear. You just need to accept Jesus and do as Jesus would to "get right" in God's eyes (Jesus would have been circumcized...are you? Get on that!). That's it. You don't need to hate on gays or stone your teenagers to death when they talk back to you.

So I never understood why fundamentalist Christians should be so zealously anti-gay, but not anti-shellfish or anti-cheeseburger or anti-clothing made of 2 or more fibers. But I suspect it is because some of them are just haters, and the rest just follow along and don't know their Bible verses as well as they think they do, or just obey their church leaders blindly.

There, I said it.

I expect there are going to be a lot of comments on this post from fundamentalist Christians trying to rationalize the above.

Fire away! It's always amusing to see how they get around these conundrums.