Unintelligent Design: Rabbits

Also, does anyone else find it remarkable that in the few days just prior to menstruation (aka, ovulation), the female human is almost impossible to be around (aka, PMS), making reproduction an extremely labor intensive process. What was God's logic there? Almost makes you think God is a woman.

Also, when you realize that almost 25% of ALL pregnancies SPONTANEOUSLY ABORT, isn't it difficult to be PRO LIFE, given that this statistic makes God one of the greatest abortionists of all time?

Hey, I know it's controversial, but I'm just pointing out the facts. WIKIPEDIA says so: and Wikipedia is GOD.


  1. Women ovulate 14 days before menstruation, not "in the few days just prior to menstruation".
    Also, I find your remark about women being "impossible to be around" just prior to menstruation hackneyed and sexist.

  2. Yeah me too. I'm a bastard. "Hackneyed" is a good word. I need to use that more often.