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As an atheist, I am cursed by objectivity.

As a result, I can't help but observe that it seems like a lot more people convert to JESUS than convert to ATHEISM.

Why is this?

Maybe it is just that "new born" atheists don't feel an imperative to broadcast their new status to anyone who will listen. After all, they have no ALL POWERFUL Lord and Savior to parade before the heathens and infidels not so blessed with pure objective reality.

All the atheists have is reality. And there is a lot of it. So they probably want to spend most of their time taking in as much of it as they can, not wasting their time on mythical deities. The followers of mythical JESUS are not encumbered with all this messy...REALITY.

But maybe there is another reason why more people appear to gravitate toward JESUS than away from him. He is CHARISMATIC, at least as he is MARKETED by the institutions whose very existence depends on his absolute and total coolness (especially among the lepers...).

The followers of JESUS are an imaginative bunch, to their credit. They have to come up with some pretty elaborate schemes to explain how a dead prophet is still working his vision in the modern world.

Atheists don't have to be very creative. A lot of them aren't. Some are downright dull. But they see that the "will of JESUS" is a self-fulfilling prophecy carried on by the "will of (albeit well-intentioned) mortal men." That's so dull and boring though.

So maybe that is why more people go toward JESUS than toward ATHEISM. JESUS is just way more exciting than ATHEISM.

Even this blog post, for all of its relative depth and wit, is rather banal to the awesomeness of mythical JESUS. Isn't it a lot more fun to follow an all-powerful super-hero savior guy who shoots healing powers from his fingertips? Atheists are just average Joes. What fun are they beyond REALITY TELEVISION.

But that begs the question. If people are always bored and compelled to escape reality, why do so many people crave REALITY TELEVISION with is mediocre mortal human contestants. Is it because it is someone else's reality (and misfortune usually), so it is less banal than their own?

Actually, REALITY TELEVISION is anything but REAL. It's a fabrication by TV producers to suggest how REALITY should be. In that way, it's no different than the way religious institutions SELL JESUS. People are just worshipping someone else's BELIEF IN REALITY.

Success of any institution, a CHURCH or an ADVERTISING FIRM, depends on predictable human behavior. Ironically, the entire HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON is based on generating predictable human behavior based not only on MARKETING PRINCIPLES, but also the teachings of Lord, Savior, Super-Hero JESUS. It is done using the "cognitive dissonance" (a tenet of Marketing 101) in the form of the GUILT caused by the imbalance between rational behavior (what we do most of the rest of the year) and fabricated beliefs (which burden our bank accounts at the end of the year).


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