What if God Didn't Exist?

I guess the thing that makes atheism cooler than religion is that we aren't afraid to entertain other beliefs. Atheism is a fearless system of belief. Stuff just IS.

I mean, we don't go to Hell if we open our minds and tolerate messages we don't agree with, right?

So here you go...

I used to work for a company that completely stifled and crushed any ideas contrary to the company philosophy. It made them seem insecure and fearful, so nobody wanted to do business with them. The same goes for fundamentalist religions.

It is fear that stops people from considering that WTC Building #7 was quite probably a controlled demolition (whether or not it was an "inside job" is debatable, but your reason and your senses are not...). Tolerating this message and possibility is too horrible to entertain, because it opens a Pandora's box of pesky questions. If it was a controlled demolition, then who was responsible?

Nope, best just convince ourselves that a skyscraper undamaged by any planes or debris could just collapse. Let's blame i on something else, maybe seedy building contractors and cheap steel and cement from foreign countries...

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a reasoning human being with eyes. What I see here does not make sense to my eyes and no one has given a clear explanation. So I am still waiting for that.

So, are all skyscrapers in Manhattan built with demolition in mind? I don't get it.