A Teachable Moment - Norway Bomber Was a Right Wing Christian Extremist

I think it is my moral obligation to take advantage of this teachable moment.

The Oslo Norway bomber was driven by his extremist fundamentalist Christianity and zealous hatred of multiculturalism. Yet, we don't condemn all of Christianity because of one sicko.

Think about how it makes you feel when someone condemns your entire religion for the acts of one or a few. What if, because of this nut case, the Norwegians began rounding up fundamentalist Christians spouting hate speech and imprisoned them off the coast of Denmark for years on end, with no Habeus Corpus rights.

If you are a fundamentalist Christian, ask yourself, what if police came for you in the middle of the night, verbally abused your family and dragged you off to jail indefinitely.

I'll bet you wouldn't like it.

But that is how Muslims feel when you demonize their entire religion and culture because a handful of murderers affiliating themselves with that religion do acts in the name of it.

Now shut up and leave Muslims alone.

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