A 3 Point Argument for the Idea that God Does Not Interfere in Our Lives

1. God made the Laws of Nature

2. God follows the Laws of Nature faithfully and without exception.

3. If God interfered with the world, He would be violating his own Laws.

When God created the universe, he knew that the current Laws of Nature were the perfect harmonious model to set things into motion and let them take their course, eventually leading to His greatest creation, Humans.*

He doesn't mess with the model, because He knows if he did, it would throw it off balance and F it up (Humans sometimes F it up though, by failing to appreciate and understand the Laws of with global warming).

As a result of His creation of the Laws of Nature, we have this stable universe and these cool fleshy vehicles to carry us around, thanks to a molecule called DNA that is a perfect blueprint for all life on earth.

DNA is the perfect example of the above. God made a perfect molecule for giving rise to life. There is no living thing on earth that is not made from it, without exception. And it behaves perfectly predictably, producing the expected end result based on the sequence of base pairs it contains.

Similar organisms like chimps and humans share most of the same blueprint and as a result we are very similar to chimps. Bananas and humans only share about 25% the same DNA (which always seemed like a lot to me, but remember that all organisms have a lot of vestigial DNA that is junk DNA from our prior common ancestors).

God has never in history created a life form that wasn't based on DNA. Puppets never come to life magically. I'll even bet that Jesus was made from DNA, parthenogenic birth notwithstanding. I mean, think about what a job it would be for Mary to carry around a life form based on something alien to the human developmental biology. God doesn't want to work that hard to maintain something so deviant from His Laws.

DNA is a strong piece of evidence that God does not interfere. He just sets things in motion.

So why aren't scientists considered to be prophets of God? They are the ones who spend most of their time studying God's plan in the form of the Laws of Nature. So scientists are closer to God's creation than any of us.

*Note: Only humans think this. Bluefin tuna think they are God's most awesome creation, the way they can effortlessly ply through the oceans eating mackerel and other manna from heaven.

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