I Finished Reading "Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins

I have a hard time finishing books if I am not really engrossed by them.

I cranked through Richard Dawkins' "The Blind Watchmaker" though.

In addition to stuff I already knew as a student of biology, I learned a ton of new stuff while reading it.

But the main take home message I got out of it was that even though I might well be an Average Joe who sucks (though I tend to think not), what really matters is that my ancestors of the past 3.5 billion years were amazingly kickass.

That is to say, from the hellish, sulferous volcanic oceans of the early earth that spawned the first living molecules until now, there is a direct line of ME.

That's pretty cool (note that I wouldn't be here to think so if it wasn't the case...). It kind of makes me want to keep up the "family values" and try to improve my Darwinian fitness in honor of all my awesome ancestors who avoided death long enough to have offspring, whose genes were good enough to get them to reproductive age.

Evolution is pretty cool, although the roadside through time is littered with the corpses of those that didn't make it...the dead ends.

Of course, I have to give some credit to my currently living contemporaries in the species known as Homo sapiens. After all, without the ingenuity of many of my kind (which far surpasses mine), and their genetic predisposition for altruistic and cooperative behavior, I might not have made it this far. Vaccines, medicine, a relatively safe food and water supply, technology, and the list goes on.


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