The Quandrous Geneology of Jesus

Houston, we have a problem.

In both the book of Matthew and of Luke in the Bible, the authors make a point of tracing Jesus' prestigious geneology back from his father Joseph through King David to Abraham, the father of the Jews, and (in Luke) all the way back to Adam.

Here's the problem...

Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary (via the Holy Spirit), and Joseph wasn't ever his biological father. Fact. So the geneology of Joseph, awesome as it was, is quite irrelevant to the geneology of Jesus that these authors praise. It is the geneology of Mary that should matter.

But neither Luke nor Matthew have anything to say about Mary's ancestors. Indeed, these are the only two Gospels that have anything to say about Jesus' geneology, and they both trace it through Joseph to Jewish ancestors.

They ignore his (relevant) bloodline through Mary completely.

Do you find that odd?

I do.

Set aside the fact that the two Gospels give different geneologies for Joseph, if Jesus, the Messiah, was (according to the Bible) supposed to be a descendant of David, Israel's greates king, then he isn't. Or, at least there is no evidence in the Bible that he is, since we don't know Mary's ancestry.

If we assume Mary and Joseph are both descendants of David, that could work. But it's an assumption, not supported by the literal Bible.

So while the Bible may be the INSPIRED word of God, it certainly does not appear to be inerrant.

SOURCE: Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them)

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