Belief vs. Behavior

When it comes to Christians, most will probably say I shouldn't have an opinion, because I am not one.

But I do have eyes and ears and other senses, and I am entitled to reflect on my observations.

I have observed that there are different kinds of Christians in practice.

One kind is the "do as Jesus did" kind. They try hard to adhere to the teachings of Jesus, and pretty much pick and choose their Old Testament behaviors. For example, Jesus would have kept kosher. Most Christians don't.

Another kind is the "what would Jesus do?" kind. These people are similar to the above, but they accept that they are pond scum in comparison to Jesus and can never hope to be as awesome as him. So they kind of do what they want and loosely consider in the back of their minds what Jesus would have done in this situation.

Then there is the "accept Jesus into your heart" kind. These are the ones who think that as long as you accept Jesus into your heart, you'll go to heaven, and what you do here on earth is pretty much irrelevant. It's kind of like "accept Jesus into your living room" but keep the skeletons in the closet so he doesn't see them.

Then there is my favorite kind of Christian, the "good samaritan." These people see Jesus as a teacher and they try to learn from him (or what we can know about him from the very biased New Testament). They don't try to be him or do what he would do, and they don't so much accept Jesus himself as accept his message. They go around being really good to others and trying to make the world a better place to live.

I think this latter group, with a little bit of insight, could make the leap to realizing that the Kingdom of God is right here at our fingertips. There is no actual heaven. We have to make it, right here on earth. And after we are dead, our eternal life is defined by all the good things we did. Or bad things.

For example, Martin Luther King lives on in people's minds, hearts, and even deeds.

Adolf Hitler also lives on, despised, hated, and "eternally damned" by almost everyone (except White Supremacists, who I think we can all agree live in their own self-loathing hell on earth...we might say they are the minions of Satan, demonic, evil, destructive, and hateful).

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