The New Testament Appears to be Largely Forged

With the exception of some of Paul's letters, most of the books of the New Testament appear to biblical scholars to be forgeries by early Christian non-Apostolic authors.

There are a lot of good reasons for this, but the fact remains that most of the Apostles were completely illiterate and could not have penned the canonical books that bear their names. In addition, the originals were written in Greek, not Coptic or Aramaic, the languages that would have been spoken (but obviously not written) by Jesus and his Apostles. Often, they were anonymously authored and church fathers assigned the names of Apostles to them post facto.

It appears unknown Greek-speaking authors, 10-50 years after Jesus died, penned their versions of the events of Jesus' life (probably from traditional oral stories) and in some cases attributed them to an Apostle in order to give them "street cred." In other cases, church fathers attributed them to Apostles in order to allow them to be part of the Biblical canon.

Recall that the New Testament did not exist during the life of Jesus. It was compiled from 27 books of early Christian writings that came into existence after Jesus (and most of the Apostles) were long dead.

I have never liked publication bias. I do not like it in modern scientific research and I do not like it in the Bible, although there is very little I can do about it in either case.

Stay informed. Don't believe the hype.

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