Reason and Moral Behavior

The idea that God is necessary to have moral behavior is unsound for a couple of reasons.

The first is pretty obvious. There are plenty of immorally behaving people who "have" God.

The second reason is less obvious, but can be illustrated with a thought experiment.

1. Let's ask the question, what if God required his followers to rape and kill (setting aside for now the fact that the Old Testament Biblical God does ask this of his people occaasionally...).

2. The religious counter argument is that God would never ask this because such behavior is morally wrong.

3. Thus, it would appear that God herself makes an appeal to reason before determining what behavior is acceptable for humans to perform.

This thought experiment illustrates that it is REASON, not religion, that determines moral behavior.

God is not needed, and sometimes gets in the way of it (now bringing back the aforementioned reference to the Old Testament).

Go atheism!

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