Low Temp Ties Record High Temp @ International Falls, MN

Think about this for a moment.

In the past week, the LOW temperature for the day in Int'l Falls, MN (oft referred to as the "Ice Box" of the country) tied the record HIGH temperature for the day, historically.

That is, it never got colder than the record high temperature. But it did get hotter.

And yet, global warming deniers (not to be confused with skeptics, which every rational free thinker ought to be...) still want you to believe this is a totally normal fluctuation in local temperatures.

Record highs are being beaten daily all over the country and the average annual temperature is increasing every year.

How do we disenfranchise the deniers from the public discourse? What's the scientific stringency needed to qualify climate change deniers' claims?

They are insane. And they are dragging us all into hell with them. That ain't right.

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