Science is Awesome

You know what the great thing about science is?

It is awesome. That's what.

It is easy to make predictions when you use solid science. The predictions aren't always that awesome, at least for humanity. But they are totally correct. And that's awesome, should we care to pay attention.

Take global warming. You can deny it all you want, but science doesn’t lie. Not ever. It's internally consistent, no matter what we (even scientists) may believe.

Scientists lie. That's true. But only the ones on the payroll of multinational oil companies.

Using science, I can easily predict that the world is going to be f-ed by ecological disasters more and more over the next few years unless we do something dramatic about it. In fact, it may even be too late.

Southwestern states in the U.S. are literally going up in flames with record wildfires.

Record high temperatures and flash flooding are plaguing the upper Midwest as I write this.

I can predict ecological disasters at the hands of climate change with better than 95% certainty. Not only do more than 95% of scientists confirm this kind of future, but so does their scientific research.

So if you want to go on making predictions based on beliefs, like "God will save us," then by all means do so. And be wrong.

I will use science and be right.

Good day.

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