Heaven has a PR problem.

Their ad campaign isn't selling me.

The idea of spending eternity in the "paradise" described in their brochures, with the type of people I usually can only take in small doses, sounds more like torment.

If they want to persuade me that heaven is a desirable place to go when I die, they should make it sound like Hawaii, spefically the underpopulated Big Island. The South Island of New Zealand would be an even more compelling sales pitch.

I've been told by fundamentalist Christian friends that it is not my place to question God's plan for us in the afterlife. I don't have a problem with that. I have a problem with them referring to it as "paradise" when it clearly isn't everyone's idea of paradise.

I'd rather have nothing. Since the universe is infinite in space and time, eventually my consciousness should emerge again, sometime someplace.

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