Does God Play Fair?

In the few tragic discourses I have had with Biblical literalists, the same fundamental question always arises when it inevitably comes around to the fact that science contradicts creationism.

If there is a God, science clearly must be the method of examining His design in the cosmos. Mathematics and the Laws of Physics are apparently universal.

In the 17th century, when Newton et al and the Royal Society were beginning to explore the mathematical workings of nature, they did so reverentially to God. They fully believed they were exploring and understanding God's design, His blueprint for nature. Why would God gift humans with the ability to reason if he did not want them to use that ability to know Him and His plan?

The other option is that God does not play fair, but instead willfully deceives people. But God is not a deceiver. The Devil is. So the only way that you can deny science and reason is to say they are the Devil's work. That is the only alternative.

Because if God wants us to use reason and the process of science to understand His design, these must be good and pure things. If they are good and pure things, then one must reason that the Bible cannot be interpreted literally, because it contradicts God's true design as shown by scientific evidence and mathematics.

If the Bible is to be taken literally, one must deny science and mathematics are Godly, but rather are the Devil's work, and they must be shunned. Even the fundamentally religious Amish rely on mathematics and the Laws of Nature to build their barns, till their fields, and grow their crops. Nature follows a design, verifiably and repeatably.

This is how we are able to have modern tools and medicine. If you want to deny science and reason as the Devil's deceptions, you must shun all technology built using pure science and reason. Otherwise you are complicit with the Devil.

But you are better served to accept that Reason is God's gift to humanity, allowing us to understand His design for the universe through science and math. In other words, God plays fair and the Bible cannot be literally true.


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