The Pope's Butler Was Arrested


The Pope's butler was arrested for pilfering secret documents.

Who cares?

It seems to me a lot more newsworthy that the Pope has a butler in the first place.

A man-servant I could understand.

But a butler?

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Solar Eclipse - Zombies and Loss of Super Powers


I learned a historical fact about eclipses while watching the live feed of the annular eclipse of the sun going on right now.

The Bible says God created the light (and dark) on the first day, but He did not create the sun until day 4.

Ancient biblical literalists thus believed the sun was not the source of the light that hits the earth, but was rather a lens that focused the previously created divine light.

They also believed that it was made not from glass, but ice. Their logic was that when you get closer to a flame, it feels hotter. But when you climb a mountain (and thus get closer to the sun) it gets colder.

So the sun could not possibly be the source of the light, but only a lens of ice, focusing the light from somewhere else.

You gotta love the logic. I wonder if any modern day Christians still believe this...