Science is Simple

Dear Fundamentalist Religious People,

When it comes to science, you have a really simple choice to make.

Either science and math show us God's simple, elegant plan for the universe.

Or it is a deception.

If it is a deception, then it is the Devil's work and you'd best not fly on a plane, use a cell phone, balance your checkbook, make babies, or do anything at all. Because all of those things use simple, explainable, consistent science and math.

If you make use of science in any way, even by say, breathing, you are participating in the Devil's deceptive and diabolical plan.

But the more logical view, if you simply must believe in a deity, is that science shows us the beautiful, elegant, simple, self sustaining plan for the universe that only a wise and intelligent God would come up with.

Laws of nature that keep everything stable and running smoothly.

Math that is repeatable and consistent and practical.

Think about it. A smart God would devise a parsimonious universe that can sustain itself. A smart God does not want to do a lot of meddling or maintenance. Set it in motion and see what happens.

What kind of a system takes care of itself? The natural cosmos does.

DNA is one of many smoking guns that confirm how science shows us God's plan. DNA (and the related RNA) controls all life on earth and it's propagation. There are no exceptions to be found. If it lacks DNA/RNA, it is not a living thing. Consistently.

So clearly, God figured out that DNA, and by association evolution by natural selection, is a great molecule for creating life that is adaptable and self-sustaining.

This is not debatable, except to argue that it is a deception (once again, the Devil's work). All life is based on DNA, including human life. Whether you believe in evolution, this is irrefutable fact. So if DNA is the Devil's work, then YOU are the Devil's work. The Lord demands that you exterminate yourself.

But a better idea is to accept that a smart God would base life on a self replicating molecule that adapts itself to the world in which it exists, just as evolution by natural selection consistently illustrates.

There is just no way around it. Either science elucidates God's plan, as Isaac Newton believed, or it is a deception of the Devil. Decide for yourself.

But if you conclude that science and math are the path to examining God's plan for the universe, then you have to logically accept that science and nature are Godly and its components are all part of God's plan.

Thus, scientists are God's prophets, to be respected and worshipped.

Sadly, this also means, the Bible cannot be divine. It is inconsistent with science and thus with God's plan.

So, you decide. But it is black and white. There is no gray area. Science either shows us God's plan for nature and the cosmos or it does not (deception). If it is a deception, it is the Devil's work because it cannot lead to truth. In that case, the Bible can be true, but you by definition are the Devil's work.

I do not envy you this decision. You could just ignore the question. But that does not change the reality of the situation.

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