Pray, Pray, Pray

Pray, Pray, Pray
That big tornado away
And as long as your not gay
You won't get blown away

Pray, Pray, Pray
Every night and day
And you will be OK
That's what the Bible say'

If I hear one more person talk about prayer and thanking the Lord with regard to the Oklahoma tornadoes...well, I am not going to do anything. It's not worth my effort.

Well, I will do one thing. I will shake my head in pity.

How can you pray to the Lord when you see that destruction? How can you thank the Lord that you survived when there are dead kids? The Lord had nothing to do with the tornado and nothing to do with who lived and died.

That's science. Nature decides that, following the Laws of Physics, strictly. Nothing more.

Stop praying for the victims and their families and go DO something for them. Prayer does nothing. It sounds good, but it's totally useless to the people who were affected.

Go down there and help out, or work toward ending climate change, or demand that schools have tornado shelters, or donate some of your excessive material belongings to the families who lost their stuff.

But don't bother praying. It serves no purpose. God had nothing to do with it. When you keep someone in your thoughts and prayers, that does exactly ZERO for that person.

If you want to pray, do it on your own time. It's not newsworthy and I don't want to hear about it on the radio anymore. Thanks.

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