Who Killed God?

It's kind of ironic...nay, very ironic...that empirical science originated as an honest attempt by devout Christian thinkers to understand God's plan for the universe.

The first scientists were not atheists...they were quite religious. They believed wholeheartedly that God's plan for the universe was written in nature, and they set out to explore it vigorously.

Much of the foundation of modern science was built in the 17th century by empiricists like Isaac Newton (gravity and calculus) and Johannes Kepler (early empiricism, movement of planets). They developed the scientific method of hypothesis testing and observation (trial and error).

Eventually, though, science became so good at exploring nature that it revealed there was no "man behind the curtain" working the controls. The very science that began as a search for God's "clockwork" that controlled nature and the cosmos eventually killed God entirely.

Today, religious people hate science because they think science killed their God and made moot their divine "book." Most don't realize that science began as a religious movement to uncover God's plan. Perhaps they might argue that God did not want his plan uncovered and so he has "deceived" scientists and led them astray. This is ludicrous for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the obvious stability of natural laws whenever they are examined and the pesky fact that all life is based on DNA and genetic inheritance that proves evolution. If God wanted to hide that fact, he would have made these discoveries "invisible" to science. He did not.

In any case, God is not a deceiver. Deception is left to the Devil. So the only conclusion a Christian can logically come to is that science is the Devil's work. If that is so, they should reject all science. This includes mathematics (don't balance your checkbook!) and technology (don't use a smart phone!) and transportation (no trips for you!). Indeed, Christians should probably not even want to live any longer, since life is given by scientifically verifiable biological processes. However, I guess one can bury his or her head in the sand and just imagine that we are all...puppets. Yeah, hand puppets.

But if there is free will...who controls the puppets? And aren't scientists also just free willed puppets?


"The Clockwork Universe," by Ed Dolnick tells the tale of Isaac Newton and the Royal Society's bold scientific experiments (like transfusing blood from sheep to humans and putting animals into vaccuum chambers) quite wonderfully.

Check it out.

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