All Religion is Bad

We are not at war with Islam. That's true. We are not even at war with violent jihadist extremist Islam. War is not the right medium for handling murderous terrorism. These are violent crimes best handled by police, the way organized crime is handled.

But that doesn't mean some Islam is OK. All religion is bad. Sure, it might not make most people kill innocents. But it does make people waste their lives waiting for some eternal salvation that will never come. Why do anything useful with your life if you will have all of eternity to write that novel you always wanted to write? Right? Religion makes people waste entire Saturdays and Sunday mornings (depending on the religion). Religion makes people hate other people whose religion is different, even if they don't commit murder based on that hate.

Christians commit bigotry all the time. It's maybe not quite as bad as murder, but it is still hateful and hurts people. For example, the anti gay rights lot. They make me as sick to my stomach as ISIS does.

Fundamentalist religion makes people dumb. A perfect example is Creationism. Belief in Biblical Creationism is willful ignorance of scientific fact (evolution). There's also the damage inflicted on the Earth when you believe that God gave you dominion over the land and its plants and animals, to exploit them as you see fit, and if you do happen to ruin the soil, water, and air, then God will save you? (Fact: She won't.)

All religion is a waste of time and lives and destructive to the advancement of humanity, even if it is not blatant killing in the name of some fabricated mythical deity. Without religion, humanity would be much better off and more advanced intellectually and scientifically than we are now.

I call upon all the religions of the world to reject, condemn, and disenfranchise their extremists, with extreme prejudice. You simply are not doing enough and that makes your religion culpable. You can't say you are a Christian and then let other Christians hate gays and women. Shut 'em down.

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