Why is Science More Awesome Than God?

I get asked this question a lot in my travels.*

There's a pretty simple answer. But if you accept this answer, God will hate you, make your life miserable, and refuse you entry to Heaven (but not before publicly ridiculing you and making you march naked in shackles through the town square while angels curse and spit on you). That is, if you believe in a literal Biblical God.

Science is awesome because it does a great job of explaining the observable universe (keyword observable), much better than mythology, including the Bible. It's also parsimonious (requires very little information to explain quite a lot of observation) and self correcting (adapts to new information), unlike the wordy, unchanging Bible. Science also isn't moody, angry, or insecure if you don't believe in it or don't like what it says. Science doesn't care if you don't believe in it, although refusing to do so does have some very real dangers (in this regard, it is not unlike the Biblical God, except that the dangers of ignoring science can hurt you in this life, while you are still alive, not in the unobservable afterlife).

The first "scientists" in the Enlightement Age of the 17th century were actually devoutly religious and driven to uncover "God's Plan" for the universe via empirical, and sometimes unorthodox, means. Many people are not aware of this and modern religious folks seem to have abandoned science and empricism altogether (though, as stated earlier, science still wins whether you believe it or not). These guys went to church "religiously" and stuff. For a good history of this, check out the book "A Clockwork Universe," by Ed Dolnick. It's a fantastic read about the religious beginnings of science and you will learn something whether you are religious or not.

The Theory of Evolution is science's parsimonious way of explaining everything we observe about life on Earth and to date ALL EXISTING EVIDENCE supports it. Yes, there are still missing pieces, but missing evidence doesn't necessarily contradict evolution and we can only use existing evidence for science. This is another way science trumps God...there's plenty of observable evidence that science is "true."

I have always felt evolution to be far more empowering than mythology, both individually and collectively. If you accept evolution's truth, you are here on Earth because your ancestors (actually, your genes) survived 3.6 billion years on this planet to produce YOU.

Let me put that another way. The average human lifespan is about 72 years, give or take. So there have been 50 million human lifespans since the dawn of life on Earth. That's 50,000,000 chances to DIE and your ancestors dodged them all. How effing cool is that?

It kind of makes the 83 human lifespans since God created everything 6,000 years ago (according to the literal Biblical creation story) seem like weak sauce by comparison.

The Bible talks about the patriarchal line of Jesus Christ from his father Joseph that includes tons of Jewish kings back through history (notwithstanding the irony that Jesus' mother Mary supposedly had a virgin birth, which would totally nullify the royal bloodline of Joseph...too bad they didn't understand the science of genetics way back then!). But evolution says there is a direct line of descent from you all the way back to the dawn of life in Earth's primordial soup. Way cooler than a few generations of kosher kings, don't you agree?

Do you ever wonder about the close calls during all that evolutionary time that could have terminated your so-called "bloodline (a misnomer because many of your distant ancestors did not have blood, but rather lymph)?" I suppose you don't if you reject evolution. But again, science is true even if you reject it.

So that's why science is awesomer than God. Any questions?

*Actually, I never get asked this, for obvious reasons, but I'd like to...and I don't travel nearly as much as I should.



Hell Discovered...By Science

Scientists have detected a planet some 40 light years from Earth that has all the Biblical characteristics of Hell. This is not an April Fools post. It happened yesterday!

CLICK HERE for information.


Special Report: No Discernible Rapture Detected by Science on Easter


Scientists studying the planet Earth for signs of a divine Rapture reported on Monday they detected no significant deviations in the Laws of Nature that would indicate a second coming of Jesus.

"We like the measure for this kind of thing on Easter," said Dr. James Frost at MIT. "That is based on the logical hypothesis that Jesus, if He exists as a divine being, might choose the date of His purported resurrection as a good time to return to Earth from Heaven to judge all Mankind. That hypothesis must be rejected, though it doesn't mean He's not coming back. He's Jesus, so He can do whatever He wants."

Scientists have calculated that several Laws of Nature would have to be bent or broken for the Rapture, as described in the Bible, to occur.

"Whether Jesus is God or man or both, He would have to harness the energy of about 15 suns to fully implement the Rapture in violation of known physical Laws of the Universe," Frost said. "And that's not even accounting for protective measures for Earth's mortals, without which most life on Earth would be incinerated."


He Came Back


The first time, He expected more fanfare, but it had been too long. The villagers were terrified and ran to the cathedral praying to God for salvation from the short and swarthy Man from the Sky. When he came into the church, he wondered who the long haired, blue eyed, white skinned man was whose likeness was everywhere, in portraits on the walls, in the stain glass windows, God, was that a crucifixion? Perverse. Who was this false idol? The villagers wept and whimpered, cowering in the corners. He never saw the priest bring the candelabra down, crushing his skull. The next moment, he was back in Heaven, fully restored to his divine glory. "Looks like you had a time," his mother commented, eyeing askance the blood on his leather tunic. She tossed Him a wet towel. "Clean yourself up."


Religious Politics


When President Obama says he is a Christian who has accepted Jesus as his lord and savior, as a rebuttal to Donald Trump's accusations he is a Muslim, that doesn't help me. Religious beliefs should be kept out of politics. I don't need or want to know how staunchly religious a politician is, regardless of their preferred branch of archaic mythology or degree of fundamentalism. In fact, the more fundamentalist they are, the worse it is, because they have less flexibility in their ability for free thought. Reasonable people get nervous when religious beliefs start to overshadow real issues in human society. Usually when the topic comes up, it's a distraction, and this is by design. Establishment politicians and corporate media use religion as a wedge issue to divide people because they know emotional issues like faith trump (forgive the pun) peoples' ability to think rationally. Emotion is a primitive brain function. Reason is a higher brain function. An advanced civilization needs to rely on higher brain functions and religion hinders that. This is why it is so important to keep church and state separate. I encourage everyone not to get sucked into the mind dimming influence of religion when it comes to society and moving society forward. Politicians know they can distract you with emotional non-issues so you won't notice they aren't really working on real matters important to making a better society. Don't swallow the poison.




It's not rocket science. Far from it. It's religion and it's stupid. That's probably why some religious people fail to understand that hate and fear are negative emotions, the realm of Satan, that override the human reasoning capabilities God gave people and love. That is all.