Religious Politics


When President Obama says he is a Christian who has accepted Jesus as his lord and savior, as a rebuttal to Donald Trump's accusations he is a Muslim, that doesn't help me. Religious beliefs should be kept out of politics. I don't need or want to know how staunchly religious a politician is, regardless of their preferred branch of archaic mythology or degree of fundamentalism. In fact, the more fundamentalist they are, the worse it is, because they have less flexibility in their ability for free thought. Reasonable people get nervous when religious beliefs start to overshadow real issues in human society. Usually when the topic comes up, it's a distraction, and this is by design. Establishment politicians and corporate media use religion as a wedge issue to divide people because they know emotional issues like faith trump (forgive the pun) peoples' ability to think rationally. Emotion is a primitive brain function. Reason is a higher brain function. An advanced civilization needs to rely on higher brain functions and religion hinders that. This is why it is so important to keep church and state separate. I encourage everyone not to get sucked into the mind dimming influence of religion when it comes to society and moving society forward. Politicians know they can distract you with emotional non-issues so you won't notice they aren't really working on real matters important to making a better society. Don't swallow the poison.