He Came Back

The first time, He expected more fanfare, but it had been too long. The villagers were terrified and ran to the cathedral praying to God for salvation from the short and swarthy Man from the Sky. When he came into the church, he wondered who the long haired, blue eyed, white skinned man was whose likeness was everywhere, in portraits on the walls, in the stain glass windows, God, was that a crucifixion? Perverse. Who was this false idol? The villagers wept and whimpered, cowering in the corners. He never saw the priest bring the candelabra down, crushing his skull. The next moment, he was back in Heaven, fully restored to his divine glory. "Looks like you had a time," his mother commented, eyeing askance the blood on his leather tunic. She tossed Him a wet towel. "Clean yourself up."

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