Reality is Real


Reality is a real thing. That sounds like a common sense tautology, but in this age of fabricated socio-political non-realities serving as reality for many people, I'm not so sure this is a majority common sense view any more.

There is an absolute reality, even if human senses and brains are "imperfect" measuring devices for figuring out what it is. A perfect reality does not require a perfect human to be observed and measured, setting aside for a moment quantum physic's assertion that it might. This is because humans have SCIENCE, an empirical methodology based on MATH that renders inconsequential imperfect humans (including imperfect scientists). Science measures reality through a combination of hypothesis testing and non-human measuring and analyzing devices that do a much better job than humans do of dissecting reality.

The first scientists were actually devout religious people who were using empirical observation to figure out "God's plan" for the universe and life on Earth. I can't encourage people enough to read Ed Dolnick's masterful non-fiction book, "A Clockwork Universe." It's a fantastic history of the birth of science in the 17th century Enlightenment period.

Today we seem to be moving away from empirical science as religious zealots try to convince us that science is "the Devil's work" when it contradicts fundamentalist religious doctrine. I don't believe in God, but I certainly believe there is order to the universe governed by the Laws of Nature. Life on Earth, for example, is all based on the molecular machinery of genetics, a parsimonious mechanism that you'd expect a super smart creator deity to design.

The beauty of a universal reality is that it doesn't matter what people believe, not even scientists. It won't go away if you don't believe in it. It won't be bent to anyone's whimsy, not even Donald Trump's. Ignoring it is perilous, because it might unexpectedly punch you in the nutsack.